Customers are able to express their own particular tastes and preferences for their custom made shirts by choosing from a wide choice of details.

The details of Manuele Maffeis’ custom made shirts are made by an ancient sartorial tradition. They are handmade by skilled tailors, who give passion and high quality to our custom made shirts.


Custom Made Shirts -Handmade Buttonhole


The BUTTON HOLES, as the old tradition requires, are carefully hand-made.

Fitted Shirts - initial personalized


The GUSSET can be made out of taffetà or in the more classic pentagonal shape, made of the same fabric as the shirt.

Custom Made Shirts - Collar


The TAILORING COLLAR, still manufactured with the best tailor’s method, has the inner cloth at sight to restrain the tie form sliding and obtain a finner knot.

Custom Made Shirts - Details


The ARM-HOLE is sewn with narrow-stitch handmade with “blind stitch”.

Tailored Shirts - Bar Track


The LOCKSTITCH is strictly hand made, used to fix the gauntlet to the sleeve and giving a touch of refinement to the item.

Custom Made Shirts - Hand Made Details


The GAUNTLET, the stripes or the squares are cut to obtain continuity with the sleeve, thanks to an accurate manual cut made piece by piece.

Fitted Shirts - Shoulder Details


The SHOULDER WRIKLEND is a tailor tradition for a better clothing.

Fitted Shirts - Shoulder


The SHOULDER, every sleeve is hand cut, so that their stripes are perfectly aligned with the one coming from the shoulder.

Custom Made Shirts - Buttons


Emanuele Maffeis creations use true mother-of-pearl BUTTONS in a selection of shapes, a rounded sided button has been studied in order to slide through the button hole even more easily.