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POPELINE (13 fabrics in different colours)

This name refers to a fabric derived from “papalina” with reference to the Papal City of Avignon from where it originated. The number of weft picks is only half the number of warp ends. This particularity permits the coloured stripes to be clear and bright , in comparison with the much softer weft checks. In fact it primarily became important since the 1960’s owing to the greater loom speeds that could be achieved on account of the lesser number of weft yarns, in comparison with the gingham or zephyrs of the past.


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Tailored shirts POPELINE
Tailored shirts POPELINE

Start to make your own tailored shirts in Popeline fabric. You'll create it with three simple steps:

Step 1: Basic choices: Fabric and colour, collar, cuff, front and back and, if you wish, the pocket.
Step 2: The details, like the handcraft buttonholes, shape of buttons, initials etc...
Step 3: The size, you will be able to choice the standard size (from 44 to 56) or a tailored size.