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OXFORD - (5 fabrics in different colours)

The name of this fabric is taken from the English collegiate City of Oxford where it was worn by the students for leisure wear as generally considered to be a bit more sporty, less formal than Poplin or Zephyr. Its characteristic structure is a warp (usually coloured) that is much finer than the weft which is thicker and traditionally white, producing a chalky white characteristic melange effect .


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Tailored shirts OXFORD
Tailored shirts OXFORD

Start to make your own tailored shirts in Oxford fabric. You'll create it with three simple steps:

Step 1: Basic choices: Fabric and colour, collar, cuff, front and back and, if you wish, the pocket.
Step 2: The details, like the handcraft buttonholes, shape of buttons, initials etc...
Step 3: The size, you will be able to choice the standard size (from 44 to 56) or a tailored size.