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ZEPHIR (2 fabrics in different colours)

This was a term invented inside our own company David & John Anderson towards the end of the 19th Century. David Anderson was trying to define a much finer quality of fabric than the typical and fairly ordinary term “ gingham” and the term he chose was Zephyr, the name of a very light and gentle wind. The name has become an Internationally recognised description of a lightweight gingham fabric whose number of warp ends are similar to the weft picks giving a very even check appearance. It can be noted in our archives the large number of Zephyr design volumes from the late 19th Century.


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Tailored shirts ZEPHIR
Tailored shirts ZEPHIR

Start to make your own tailored shirts in Zephir fabric. You'll create it with three simple steps:

Step 1: Basic choices: Fabric and colour, collar, cuff, front and back and, if you wish, the pocket.
Step 2: The details, like the handcraft buttonholes, shape of buttons, initials etc...
Step 3: The size, you will be able to choice the standard size (from 44 to 56) or a tailored size.