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Personalized shirt size

Personalized shirt size

Here the general istructions for a correct measuring.


Measure from the seam of the button until half of the buttonhole holding the measuring tape slightly loose

Measure from one seam to the other across the shoulders
Measure the two extremes of the shirt underneath the seams of the sleeves
Measure the two extremes in the central part of the shirt
Sleeve length
Measure from the shoulder seam until the end of the sleeve cuff included
Shirt length
Measure from the base of the collar down to the end of the shirt
Measure the entire length of the cuff
Measure as showed on the picture
Measure as showed on the picture


1) Because of handcraft tailoring, you should consider a tolerance of 2% of the measures.
2) All shirts are a closed bust, as jackets of suits. To get the best comfort.
3) For a long-shelf life of our shirts, wash it following the instruction.