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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

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Although Camiceria Emanuele Maffeis Srl have put great effort into preparing this website in order to present their products and services as best they could, some information might not be up-dated and for this reason it is always advisable to check wheter any information has been modified.
Further information may be obtained by contacting Camiceria Emanuele Maffeis Srl directly. Consequently neither Camiceria Emanuele Maffeis Srl nor any third party that may have prepared any aspect of the website will be held responsible for any damages or mistakes resulting from having relied on the contents of this website.

Linking up to the website of third parties
Although the website contains links to the website of third parties, Camiceria Emanuele Maffeis Srl is unable to check their contents and consequently Camiceria Emanuele Maffeis Srl can neither be held responsible for these websites nor directly or indirectly responsible for any damages deriving from the usage of these websites. The possibility of linking up to other websites is to be considered merely a convenience and is to be considered at the user’s risk.

Information supplied by the users
The users of the website on providing information become responsible for the validity of the contents of any electronic mails and may be held responsible for violating the rights of third parties.
Consequently any mailing should bear the e-mail address of the sender and contain the necessary data in order to be provided with the services requested. Camiceria Emanuele Maffeis Srl, in compliance with art.13 and 23 of the Code regarding the safeguarding of personal information (D.lgs No. 196/2003) requests website users to authorize the handling of personal information.

International users
Camiceria Emanuele Maffeis is unable to guarantee that all the products and services contained in this website will have the same aspect or same shape or same conditions for outside Italy.
Users will have to respect all the applicable laws related to the transmitting of data exported from the country of residence. On searching this website or downloading information from outside Italy, users should ensure that so doing is in conformity with the local laws in force. Products displayed on this website may, according to the country in question, have a different packing, or different packaging dimensions, or different wording and symbols.

Logging in
Users are obliged to protect their access personal information (ID and password) and assure that they cannot be used by third parties without authorization.

Users must immediately inform Camiceria Emanuele Maffeis Srl in the case of:

  • Any violation to the security regulations regarding information available on the website of Camiceria Emanuele Maffeis Srl;
  • Any unathorized  usage of one’s access personal information or should it be suspected that unauthorized access might take place.

Applicable law and Court of jurisdiction
Any controversy inherent to, deriving from or connected to these Conditions or related to this website will be settled by the laws of the Italian Repubblic, except for what foreseen by international private law and the Aja Convention concerning Uniformity of International Sales of Goods dated 1st July 1964 and the Convention governing sales of the United nations dated 11th April 1980.


Purchase guarantees:
The purchase of Emanuele Maffeis (Camiceria E. Maffeis Srl) products is protected by the Legislative Decree 6th September 2005 No. 206 otherwise known as the Consumer Code.

Confidentiality and discrection guarantee:
In compliance with the Legislative Decree No. 196/03 concerning the safeguarding of personal information provided by clients, the Company guarantees maximum discretion. All data collected will be used exclusively for:

  • Sending information
  • Promotional advertising
  • Understanding how satisfied clients are

Data might also be processed, but always in compliance with the regulations governing discretion and safe depositing of personal data as foreseen by the law and will be used by the Company to fulfil tasks related to services offered.

Photos of fabrics:
The actual dimensions of patterns (squares and lines) of Emanuele Maffeis fabrics might appear modified on a user’s monitor. Therefore, measurements and distances provided in centimetres between squares and lines should be carefully noted.

Measurements charts:
Emanuele Maffeis products are scrupulously hand-cut for which reason there might be slight differences between the actual measurements of a finished product and those found in the charts or provided. Such differences may correspond at the most to a +/- 2%.

Payments may be made by credit card or bank transfer.

Prices are to be considered inclusive of VAT but excluding forwarding charges and customs dues.

Payment security:
All transactions related to payment by credit card are protected and guaranteed by the services provided by Credito Bergamasco adopting a safety procedure.

All consignments to any address provided by a client will be forwarded by DHL - Fedex - Ups delivery service.

Delivery times:

Emanuele Maffeis products will be delivered at the address provided within 4 weeks following order confirmation.